Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Little girl in Toy Story 3: "There's a secret ingredient. [whispers] It's jellybeans."

Can't say exactly why I love these little buggers so much, but I just love 'em. As a kid, they were sort of left to the bottom of the Easter basket, to be eaten only after all the flashy chocolates were consumed. Now, they always cheer me up with their colors. The name is hilarious. Plus, they're the perfect subway snack.

Once, Chris and I tried to win $10,000 by developing a jellybean flavor and a JellyBelly "recipe". Turns out our flavor (pomegranate) was already in development when we entered the idea (d'oh!). Our "mojito" recipe didn't win, either. Ah, well.

Recently, upon hearing the news about my grandmother's death, Chris and I went into the city to light candles at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Afterward, Chris brought me to Dylan's Candy Bar in search of a jellybean pick-me-up.

I had a terrible work day today, but some Mike & Ikes (another favorite, close cousins to jellybeans) kept me going. (Side note 1: They're hard to find in these parts, but boxes of these collect dust on the bottom shelves of our local Rite-Aid. I think I am the only New Yorker who seeks them out. Side note 2: Still no way of knowing which ones are Mikes and which ones are Ikes.)

[edit: Out of curiosity just looked up the "mojito" jellybean. That exists now, too! Bet that was also in development already. D'oh!]