Friday, January 29, 2010

Ballerina wannabe

Last week, no one was in the stretching room at the Y and I started making use of the barre as a secret ballerina. I was reminded of this ballet workout cassette tape I had as a kid, which came in a set with a tutu, hot pink leg warmers, and a pink plastic barre that my dad set up for me. I really liked doing ballet with that tape.

I started thinking...we have a Wii Fit at home. There must be a ballet workout game for that, right? There is, but it's got terrible reviews. Like most video games "for girls," someone banged this out thinking that little girls will enjoy the overall pinkness of it and that will be that. I think they're missing the boat on this one! Wii Fit seems tailor-made for a good ballet or dance game, and Wii Fit games can work so well for any age.

Seems like video game companies overall say it's tough to get girls and women into video games. I'm sure, by and large, female audiences prefer games with different themes then male audiences do ("be a vet" vs. "sniper fun" or "puzzles" over "cars with loud engines"). But female audiences aren't stupid and can recognize a sub-par game. The world within the game has to be just as cool, detailed, and complete as a game created in one of the standard genres.

Anyway, got sidetracked! I'm thinking of getting the New York City Ballet Workout on DVD. Then I can be a secret ballerina in the privacy of my home. :)


In the midst of all the awful news from Haiti, something good came across the wires today. My close co-worker's de-facto sister-in-law and niece live in Haiti and had not been heard from since the earthquake. Today, they were finally able to get in touch with their family here in the U.S.—they are both okay and coming to stay with their stateside family as soon as possible. Can't begin to describe the relief and joy on my friend's face today.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fashion dilemma

You guys, can you help with my fashion dilemma? What color shoes to wear with navy? Black or brown? In the summer, I wear red summery shoes with navy, but winter does not allow those options.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Girl crush: Carey Mulligan

Saw this amazingly talented and beauteous young lady in An Education last night. Her face is so expressive! She can move the tiniest facial muscles to convey emotion. During the movie, I tried to replicate one of her subtle expressions of joy and just found my face kinda twitching. (Good thing the movie theatre is dark!) I liked the movie, and it's getting a lot of positive press. Can't wait to see what she does next.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love, humanity

Weird that going to the gym the past 2 days has made me love humanity. How can you not love a place where people—of all shapes, sizes, and ages—gather to stay healthy? The place is a celebration of life. Even though it kind of smells funny.

I'm also in the midst of reading The Zookeeper's Wife, a book about a couple of Polish zookeepers who helped over three hundred Jews escape from the Nazis during WWII. The style is much different than I expected (and I'm not really in love with it), but the stories have repeatedly bowled me over by describing the lengths to which people went to help those in trouble.

(The image, by the way, is my gym, as seen from the air!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


2 dudes with shaggy hair and sorta large noses who are cracking me up these days:

1) Demetri Martin, self-described "palindrome enthusiast."
I'm really liking "Important Things," the jokes and drawings moreso than the sketches. Appreciate fellow human being who enjoys labeling things in an obvious fashion for fun (see: the phone in our study, Demetri's keyboard).

2) Topher Brink, as played by Fran Kranz on Dollhouse.
OK, so this show has always been mining dark territory, even moreso in recent episodes. He may invent technology that leads to the collapse of civilization, but neurotic Topher often cracks me the hell up.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sworn enemy: Halls subway ads

Has anyone else on the NYC side seen and hated these Halls ads as much as I do? I refuse to post them here because they're so hideous. Not to mention they convey bad medical advice conflicting directly with the MTA's own (wise but hideously designed) messaging: "Feeling under the weather? Don't get on the train." Can we have those cute little JetBlue ads back?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Gratitude, triggered by a biscuit. For some reason, while biting into one of these sweet treats tonight, all of the "ifs" swimming around in my head just stopped. All at once, I felt so thankful for everything; felt lucky to have the support of my wonderful friends and husband, the chance to start working on a project I'm excited about, AppleTV with its ability to stream classical WGBH radio from Boston and remind me of my childhood. Thanks, Le Petit Ecolier.

Appetizing image came from here.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Snack ball

Loving this little stocking stuffer I got—the Boon snack ball. Is it really meant as a Cheerio-holder for stroller-riding babies? Yes. Did I ask for it anyway? Yes. It's lightweight, BpA free, and looks kind of space-age. Enjoying a nice little trail mix from it now. :)