Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My ring

As promised, the story behind my ring...

Chris's great-grandfather, living in South Africa, gave this ring to Chris's great-grandmother before going off to fight in World War I. The story has a happy ending—he returned and they were married in 1918. The ring was passed to Chris's grandmother, then his mother. Guess I have to be prepared to part with it if we have a daughter!

The ring is about to undergo some transformations. I've been extremely reluctant to do even one thing to it, but at the urging of my mother-in-law and 2 highly respected NYC jewelers, I've got to have the settings re-done. Apparently the stones are are too small for the settings they're in, and have shifted over the years. I've been having trouble finding someone who will agree to keep the look and character of the ring basically the same.

I love this ring to death, but believe it or not, I've had a few "snooty" comments while wearing this—about how I should have the stones cleaned or about how I can always buy myself a "nice" diamond later in marriage. Oy. The stones are clean, but they don't blind you like today's diamonds (we've learned how to optimize light reflection with laser cuts). They were hand-cut. They were meant to sparkle in candlelight—and they do! I've also had a few random compliments on the ring during low-lit dinners. As for "nice"...I couldn't have dreamed up a ring that I would like better.

As mentioned in the ceremony post, I decided to forego a separate wedding band. Because of the ring's twisty shape, I'd have to really have something made to specifically fit around it. And when I already love the ring itself, it seemed unnecessary to go to the trouble of having a whole separate piece of jewelry made. This symbolizes absolutely everything I want it to. So that's where the nerdy Lord of the Rings joke comes from. It is my "one ring."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bag dilemma part 2

I still haven't solved my bag dilemma, but today I began considering buying a diaper bag. Now, before you say what Chris said ("Um, something I should know about??") or fall off your chair laughing, consider this:

-Diaper bags are huge. I can fit all my books and sh*t in there.
-Diaper bags are durable. I can bang it around all I want.
-Diaper bags have insulated compartments. Bet I could fit my lunch in there.
-Diaper bags have carrying options (handles, shoulder straps, etc.)
-Diaper bags are WASHABLE.

Some diaper bags look very purse-like nowadays. Hmmm.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hello, friends...we're back from our wedding/honeymoon hiatus! I can't resist reliving it all a little, so my next few posts will include some highlights.

It was a dark and stormy day.

Over the week, we watched the weather report go from great to okay to apocalyptic. We had to nix the outdoor ceremony planned for here...

But everyone kept telling us it was good luck to get married on a rainy day. So we posted this:

And we moved to Plan B: Indoor ceremony. Built in 1896, the building features a lot of dark, rich wood and actually felt quite cozy. The violinists were playing Bach, more beautifully than I could have imagined it.

The guys waited upstairs. After a small disaster with the wheat boutonnieres (which were meant to be tiny, but showed up that morning long enough to stab out an eye!), they pinned the trimmed-down versions to their lapels.

The bridesmaids and bridesmen* (my 2 brothers, their term!) made their entrances. The girls had JCrew dresses and the guys had ties to match. (Dear friend and youngest bro. How much are you digging his current shaggy hairdo??):

Dad and I tried to remember to walk slowly down the aisle, lined with great-smelling potted mums. My mom wrapped them in paper and my brother helped her tie the ribbons. The bouquets (mums, berries, and wheat) were ordered through the supermarket.
Our friends read from Thoreau (here's a snippet) and read a transcript of this adorable Sesame Street sketch about marriage. I had some reservations about mixing work and my wedding, but I've always loved Grover and always will, quite outside the context of work.

We read our own vows. I was floored by Chris's. We exchanged rings. Chris's ring was done through the Clay Pot in Brooklyn, by Jerry Spaulding. I opted to keep my engagement ring as my "one ring" (and made that nerdy Lord of the Rings joke every time someone asked about my wedding band). More about my ring later.

And we were married!!

Some time before the ceremony, we each realized independently that we'd never practiced the "wedding kiss." And now I'm super-glad...because it was 100% perfect and in the moment. What do you think about practicing wedding kisses??

P.S. Hairpiece was from Etsy, and my awesome mom did my hair!
P.P.S. Wedding day photos by Julie Kuceris. She darted around getting great shots and was SUPER-stealth!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


OK, I'm not going to be on the Interwebs for long, but it is still early and I'm hanging around in my PJs and the sun has just finished coming up over the ocean. Which I can see from my room. Holy cow.

We are good and married and so happy that so many of our loved ones could be there to witness it. Now, we're winding down from all the planning. So far, Mexico highlights include: complimentary chocolate-covered strawberries (for honeymooners), guacamole made at your table, and not 1, but 2 iguana sightings.

All moons should be honey moons. Why do we need a crescent (well, Pilsbury rolls can stay), a gibbous...why must any moon wax or wane?

Image above of Trader Joe's Honey Moon wine. I rather like it for $5 a pop!