Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New snapshots

I finally uploaded some more shots from my iPhone, so here are some new scenes of life in CA.

I scored this little desk at the Santa Monica Antiques Market. I love writing here every day. (The chair belongs to the kitchen table, and is a little low for working, but I'm determined to find a good chair for the study.)
We may have gotten a little overexcited at the sight of fresh fruit at the Culver City farmer's market today. Exhibit A, fridge full of berries:And here are a few parting shots of Culver City at night:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

We're here

So, moving is my only explanation for my extended absence. Let me tell you, moving across the country is a huge, expensive pain in the butt. However...we're here! There's sun! I love my new writing space! I love avocados and clementines! There will be lots more California updates here, I'm sure, but the boy and I are also blogging with California-specific musings over at Lousy With Avocados. There's so much changing, and I'm still a little nervous (mostly about work). But for the most part, I'm really very happy in this new place.