Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dad gifts

Wow, golden autumn has come and gone. Central Park is now nearly empty in the mornings. I love it at this time, and my big sleeping bag coat makes me nearly invincible to the cold. I'm powering through a few stressful work weeks (at least I knew they were coming and could prepare), then I have a bunch of vacation time. Woo!

I'm braving rain today to finish up some holiday shopping. Every year, I get stuck on The Dad Gift. Does this happen to anyone else? I love Internet gift guides because they're fun to look at and inspiring, but they never quite hit the nail on the head for dad gifts—for my dad, anyway. What's with the cufflinks and wine? Is everyone else's dad James Bond? On the flip side, you have grill tools, power tools, etc. That's not quite right, either. (Being a maintenance professional, my dad has about 2 of every tool and I wouldn't know the right kind to get, anyway!) My dad falls somewhere between...a handy poet-raconteur who doesn't wear suits, drinks black coffee, and loves french vanilla ice cream. Anyone know where I can find the gift guide for that? :)


  1. My dad is getting 90s mixes this year, after his comments about the Gin Blossoms and Chumbawumba this summer.

  2. well, my spoiled dad is getting an ipad this year for christmas, but i had the same dilemma for father's day. this past year i made a donation to the national fatherhood institute in his name for being a great pops : )

  3. It is tough! My dad is not a really the kind of guy that likes stuff, but something practical or useful (a coffee mug? a sweater?) seems boring. My dad and I went on a trip this year so I think getting him a framed photo from that is what I'll do this year. What's happened to your dad this year? Or what is he planning next year? That might give you some inspiration.

    P.S. I'm loving your blog! So happy you commented. :) And how much do I love that the first post labeled "feminism" that pops up is about Buffy? LOTS! Not to mention you were Kaylee for Halloween? Adorable! I just got my boyfriend to watch "Firefly" with me, over Thanksgiving. He loved it (obviously! like I said he would!).

  4. Thanks for the great ideas, guys! My husband totally nailed this—he took a photo of me and my dad playing air guitar at my cousin's wedding this summer. He sent it to a company that puts your photos on canvas, so it's nice and hang-able...well-done, boy! We've got a classic Billy Wilder DVD to go along with it, so we can watch together over vacation.


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