Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Parisian Valentine

Chris and I have been talking about going to Paris forever. We dream about it all the time, just waiting for the right stars to align so we can make it happen. I can just see us alternately hoofing it around town to hit every museum and taking leisurely sidewalk-cafe breaks.

Since Paris is probably a ways off for us, Chris created a mini City of Love for Valentine's Day.

Breakfast was crepes with lemon and sugar. (Go Chris! So well-made!) Treats for later include yummy cheese with French bread, a madeleine, macarons, and bubbly, all from Monsieur Marcel at The Grove Farmer's Market.

Plus, some literature to facilitate our dreaming...and a cute little jar to help us save for our trip.
Update: We also had a delicious dinner at Meet, a great French bistro in our town. We had made reservations ages ago so that we could celebrate Valentine's with a shared order of mussels and frites! We got a cozy table nestled against the wall and opted to try the "bisque" mussels, which were new to us (I'm sorta boring and usually just love the regular old white wine-and-shallot broth). They were incredible. Plus, the combination of the cold night and the small restaurant gave me NYC flashbacks (in a good way). I daresay this was my favorite Valentine's ever!

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